Wedding Night

This roll of paper is provided for you, the audience-participants, to share with us all (anonymously, of course) your own ideas, dreams, experiences, and any thoughts you have about the theme of this installation. Below the photos are descriptions of the events surrounding that particular wedding night. This information was provided by one of the people involved. No doubt if the other person had been consulted, a different viewpoint would have emerged. So, tell us your story.

Wedding Night show Archive

What people wrote on the roll of paper during April/May 2005 at Mount Ida Art Gallery

Forgot the rings...used my brother's ring and she used best man's. No harm done...still married.

It rained! Went to Bermuda. Slept in twin beds. Crashed our moped. Left 3 days early.

I learned yesterday (at grandma's funeral) that my Dad has remarried – for the 7th time. He has Alzheimer's.

My mom was late to her wedding because it was supposed to rain that night & her dad wanted to mow the lawn first.

My dad got married in Vegas to my step mom and didn't tell me...I had to find out through the grapevine...what a crazy vine it was.

7/4/74 was a zillion degrees Celsius. All I can really remember is how tight my shoes were and how quickly the party went by.

Her father died 2 weeks before the wedding.

Attempting to stop the union, the groom's mother held up the wedding. She slapped her husband and her mother in church. Wedding night delayed arranging for bride's uncle to collect gown + tux, and interrupted by groomsmen phone calls. Bride sick for first half of honeymoon...Still married 20 years later.

We got married (I was 20, he was 21) because we wanted to spend the summer in Europe, and no one's parents were buying into that...amazingly, 34 years (and six trips to Europe) later, the love endures.

As a freshman at Mass College of Art, my visual fundamental professor married the whole class to each other. We held hands, exchanged ring, threw rice, wrote "Just Married" to the side of a school bus, tied shoes to the back, and honeymooned on "Ol Ironsides" at the Charleston Navy Yard........

"Marriage is beautiful thing"... just need understanding & love

[someone wrote the following next to the previous words]
So is Divorce
[then another person added]
can also be a blessing and a beautiful thing
[then a third person crossed out these two lines]
In 1979 Gretchen and Michael were married. Exactly 9 mos. after the honeymoon Michael Jr. was born April 8th 1980.

Like the movie: 3 Weddings & a Funeral Britain's Prince Charles marries his mistress Camilla Parker Bowles on Sat. April 9th. Her son from a previous marriage marries in September. The wedding is moved from Friday April 8th to April 9th to accommodate Pope John Paul II's funeral. [He] becomes the first heir to the English throne to get remarried in a civil wedding. His mother refuses to attend. And at his engagement announcement Charly calls one of the photographers a bloody fool. In Monaco, Prince Ranier, Grace Kelly's husband, dies a day later. History repeats itself. In 1938 Edward VIII abdicated to marry divorcee Wallis Simpson

Parents spent lots of money in the reception hoping daughter will get some cash presents. Money trickled in small amounts and two years later they divorced.

True Irish drunkards wedding in emerald green. The best man got drunk before the wedding, pinched the bride's ass during the wedding pictures, refused to stand during the ceremony, picked a fight with the father of the bride, was escorted out by mother of the bride who grabbed him by the scalp yelling "you will not ruin my daughter's wedding" Bride's toddler son comes to reception in coattails w/ cummerbund and no pants.

Married by a cardinal – Married a prince – 4 fabulous children – & love endures – lucky us –

Celine Dion, Grace Kelly, & Lady Di, all had huge show off weddings. Some people get married for show like Elizabeth Taylor who married 16 times. And Michael Jackson married Elvis' daughter to prove that he is not a pedophile. Turtle Doves Two Birds stuck together

We ran away to get married, we were in love. 36 years later – we are still in love! (fall of 1968) Romeo + Juliet (They said we wouldn't lat long. How wrong they were....)

I love him still NOT EVEN DEATH can separate us or our love. Till we meet again, my love, Good Night!

"There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends"
-- Homer

President Lyndon Johnson's daughter got married in the White House, however, it was kept secret because of the growing violence of the Vietnam War.

President Grover Cleveland was the only American President to get married in the White House.

Woodrow Wilson got married in the White House.

Please write some wedding poems as well as personal stories!

We invited 12 people, had pre-ceremony drinks to relax. Forgot the license and had to go back for it. Afterward we took everyone to Chinatown for dinner and bought a big rum cake at Ferrara's, took it back to Brooklyn and ate it together. We saved a piece for our 1st anniversary. We're still eating and loving after 35 years.

After the beautiful ceremony. Had sex then he left me. For my bridesmaid.

Did this happen the day after your wedding? Don't make up a bunch of bull. Please don't write bullshit! Stories must be true! Do not make up stories for the hell of it. Stories must have factual evidence to back up what you're saying, perhaps an eyewitness from the FBI. Just kidding! ha ha ha ha ha! No nonsense.

On my wedding day (12/17/83) it snowed and our limo didn't show! *or call* An invited guest brought my bride and I to Logan airport in a vehicle with skis on top! We traveled in the only lane open and made it to the plane just as they were about to shut the door! The plane was de-iced 3 times. We made it to the Island Princess 3 minutes before it sailed! We had a great 11 day cruise... Would I do it all again? Yes! ☺☺

My husband & I got married after we had known each other 20 years & had been together 10 years. At the time our daughter was six months old. I had to look around a bit for a justice of the piece [sic] who would do a simple ceremony – no added photos. And I found an English lady in Cambridge who did just that for $75. It was just us, our daughter & our friend Mike & it took all of five minutes. We always said we'd have some kind of party later on. This past fall we did – for our 10th anniversary. It was a great party with our two children & a dozen good friends.